total coolness

The BARONG's are all done! Am sooo happy. We provided barongs for the whole entou including the guys for both families cos I wanted a clean-nice-to-look-at line up haha -- I am THAT OC, I knooow! Each barong has a different design with the same color, of course! I love how cute the kids barong turned out. Oh sooo nice! Same goes with the barongs for the grown-ups. Funny, though, cos they all looked soooo big! Hehe. Here are some of the photos for you guys to see.



Sorry, I am too lazy to hang them BUT I can't wait to brag, I mean, blog about them. Hehe. Oh, and all these barongs need to be dry-cleaned first, I think. Yeah. Anyhow, thanks to my Tita Ninang and Tito Ninong for the very nice barongs and of course for the discount -- many, many thanks!


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