i heart metrophoto!

We had our e-session with Metrophoto at ATC -Cinema 4 last month (july 27 yata, i am not so sure haha) tapos, i was telling Oly the whole time that ayoko talaga makita the shots that he took. Ewan ko, medyo scared kasi ako since the last time we had our pre-nup with our previous photog, super in a hurry ako to see the outcome only to get disappointed afterwards. So, ayun, everyday, as in super more than 10 times, i was checking Metrophoto's site to see if our photos are posted na. I always stop myself everytime I have the urge to make kulet Oly kung kelan nya i-post ,super nag wait ako talaga.

And then kanina, i had dinner with my Ninang Glecyl, birthday ko tomorrow so, she went out with me for dinner. H2b had to pass since he had to attend a meeting with his wednesday buddies. Unplanned kasi yung dinner so okay lang, besides, girl talk ito. haha. Anyway, I was super tired na plus my back is killing me pa, but still, i managed to check my personal email, and then Metrophoto's site. After, like, viewing it for the nth time today, haha, frequent visitor ako talaga ng blog nila (addict eh no?), syempre wala pa din hehe, excited lang ako masyado tapos i tried checking out their gallery (smugmug), but my connection was intermittent, BOO! so I had to close the browser and re-open it again and after like trying for the 3rd time (I swear, SmartBro sucks!) got the surprise of my life haha! NAKAPOST na sya!!!! I browsed it quickly and immediately sent an sms to Oly to thank him and Rache and Chax and Weng and Jason! Nawala talaga pagod ko. :D


Want more? View them here and here. :D

Yey! Super thank you to Metrophoto. Best birthday surprise, ever! Sobrang na happy ako talaga with the outcome. Really worth the wait and the SWITCH! Haha!

I heart you, guys! Thank you soooo much!

And, oh, happy birthday to me! Yay!



metrophoto said...

Hey Sieggy!

Happy Birthday! =) Im really glad how the timing worked out and that you liked the outcome =)

Will post these in the blog today =)

Enjoy you day!

sieggy said...

Hi Oly!

Thank you talaga. You know what, sobrang dami ko ng nakuhang feedback from my fellow w@wies, and nakakatuwa kasi before, yung sa EK ek-ek namin hehe, so-so comments nakuha ko. Now, everybody talaga, they loved the photos!

Super thank you. :D

Rachey! said...

sieggy!! :) weee! happy birthday to you! ilang taon ka na? haha :P we're happy that you guys love the photos.. thanks talaga :)

uyy, bibilangin na nyan how many days nakapost sa blog yung pics nila. hahaha! ;P

sieg said...

Racheyrache!!! Hahaha. Thanks,thanks! I turned 18today. wehehe. :wink:

Yep, I super love the photos. Haha. As in. Ay, you are sooo right -- bibilangin ko talaga wahahaha! :D

Thank you guys for making me soooo happy today. Naiiyak ako sa happiness. Yay! :D

Anonymous said...

hi sieg! happy, happy birthday and many happy returns! bless you more by God. amishu1 labu!

Anonymous said...

saw your e-session its reeally worth the wait huh. take care always.-sheila

Anonymous said...

happy bday love! hope u had a good 1. love ur e-session. XOXO,

Mama D and Little Z said...

Hi Sieg! We LOVE the photos, very YOU. he he, that is definitely original and modern for E photos, can't wait to see the wed pics now ;)

See you soon, we love you and happy birthday, i sent you an E card late!

Ate Dianne

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