living it up --- the shang way!

I always, always dream of living in a hotel. Yep, and it's not like on a short-term basis but, you know, on a "when-i-feel-like-it" basis. Haha. Just like Serena and Lily. Good times!♥

Anyway, finding the hotel which would be perfect for any bride is really a challenge. You have to consider a lot of things -- location, class and of course, budget! I have seen quite a few but nothing really compares to Shangri-la. Hay. I always wanted it there. Best location, best rooms, nothing but the best. Take a good look at these rooms below:

Executive Garden (Garden Wing)

Executive Garden Suite (Garden Wing)

Garden Suite (Garden Wing)

Nice no? Haha! Am super excited. Got the green light, so EDSA Shangri-la it is!


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