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Hey, guys! Well, sooo sorry for not updating you all with the wedding preps --- I have been quite busy with work kasi. Sad, sad. In fact, am at work right now but I really have to share this kwento with everyone so kahit toxic ako, super post ako. Haha. Merlene, this post is for you.♥

Had my third fitting today. I was not suppose to fit it, because I am still trying to lose some pounds but when I saw it, I took all my clothes off and OMG! I wanted to walk home wearing it. Haha. I am not exaggerating! It was sooo beautiful. Super lovely! Feeling ko, princess ako. Haha!

The beadworks were carefully done, as in, awesome beadings. Tonie, who went with me, took a photo of myself wearing the gown -- ganda, ganda! Yay! I really, really wanna post it but I have to stop myself kasi syempre, I have to surprise naman you guys diba? Enough na for now yung super happy ako. Haha.

The ento gowns were done na. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them, even before, nung wala pang beads and all, I found them soooo elegant na, then I saw the almost done ensemble, naku, my jaw dropped. I love how it turned out. Ang saya! Haha. I can't wait to see them all on the day of the wedding.

I can't thank Merlene and all her staff enough for the great work they have done. Although the wedding is still in October, super effort pa rin. I am sobrang satisfied with the outcome. Their effort is really commendable. Great, great job, guys! Super thank you :-)


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