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I have the new issue of Metro Weddings. Fun, fun! Haha. I was reminded tuloy that I still don't have supplier for my invites! Wahhh! Anyhow, I have made inquiries na with the following suppliers:


They have super nice and very sosi invites pero I find it too expensive. Hay. Really my type pa naman but the thing is, the cost is too much. I am not closing my doors yet but, definitely, Russel would ask me to consider other suppliers.

QP Designs

We have checked their stall in Glorietta and they have nice invites as well. Actually, the cost is pretty much okay compared to that of Printsonalities, and okay naman sya. In fact, may nagustuhan ako. Okay naman kay Russel so, I am kinda considering them. I am still open to other options, though.

V-Craft Printers

The package I have with Fernwood includes a free 100 pcs. invite from V-Craft. Okay sana but I didn't like it. I have asked for an upgrade but it turned out sooo expensive so we decided on swapping the free invites with another item which I still have to discuss with Fernwood. But I will have my coordinator work on it.

Spyder Creative Works, Inc.

We have seen their works and they were nice and creatively designed but I am not kasi into artsy, royal stuff. I go for simple yet elegant type so I was quite disappointed lang kasi I have been getting feedbacks na they have super mura invites na sobrang elegant looking. The thing is, I'm not really a fan of those kinds. Pero in fairnness, maganda naman talaga. Not my type nga lang.

So far, I think QP has the advantage. Price and design wise. Around 80-90 pesos each, with all the inclusions I wanted, well, good enough. What do you think?


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Trina (co-w@wie) said...

hi sis! try AMIS PRINT :) very elegant invitations at such a low price. i'm very happy with mine! :) Sid Estrella - 09178911059/ 0918-8474376

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