cuteness overload!

Since I am the first one to get married in the family, my two Ates would be my Maids of Honor. Yay! Haha. I am really excited for them. They would be wearing a creation of Merlene just like the rest of the entourage. Super nice! Haha. Ate Cheng has already chosen the design for her gown which she really as in REALLY loves ! Check this out:

Isn't it gorgeous?

Merlene decided on using chiffon fabric. First fitting would be sometime in May. Ang saya diba? Haha. Can't wait! I will show you some photos come fitting day. That's a promise! Btw, nothing yet pala for Ate Beth. Merlene is still working on it. Coming soon pa sya.

I have na the initial sketches for my secondary sponsors but I have asked Merlene to come up with some more so I could choose the best ones. The gown would be patterned out with the one I showed in my previous post which is a combination of tafetta and chiffon fabrics with beadworks, of course! Hehe. Ang kulit ko no? :D Basta. We will meet up with Merlene on Monday so siguro by next week, I can post na the sketches.

Ooops, I almost forgot, below naman is for the flower girls.

Ang cute no? Haha. Am sooo naaaliw talaga. I was never a flower girl kasi, sobrang dream ko pa naman yun. No one ever asked me. Huhuhu. Kaya kina-career ko talaga yung flower girls ko. I bet they would be the cutest flower girls ever! Yey! :D

Gtg! Dinner is waiting! Ciao.


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