barcelona: where everything is sunny and bright

oh i love barcelona! the place is sooo beautiful and full of life. it would leave a certain effect on you, like, everything in life is easy and you actually need not to make plans. spontaneity at its best! where to go, where to eat, where to shop! so, so, so convenient. no rush. no time outs. you just simply live life. and no, i am super not exaggerating. the moment we landed, i immediately got impressed. who wouldnt? their airport is one of the best i have been to and you would instantly feel at home. for me kasi that is very important. knowing you feel safe lalo na you are in another country.

la rambla

right after settling to the hotel, we went out agad to explore the place. grabe, yung atmosphere parang may fiesta or something. we watched and listened to the music played by the street musicians. they really played good music and everyday different eh. like, spanish style then you will also chance upon those guys with didgeridoos and african drums. so fun to see the constant diversity and they were so good ha.

street musicians


the next day, we had our full day city tour. ang ganda and ang happy ng place! there were lots of things to see and of course, trivias about them. super enjoy visiting each place. ganda ng background plus the locals were hospitable. the whole time nga, i was thiking, well, siguro the reason why super at home kami kasi may spanish influence tayo diba so somehow we feel connected, like we belong so easy for us to blend.

sagrada famila

park g├╝ell

barcelona cathedral ceiling

along plaza catalunya

my darling daughter

in front of the  montjuic  castle

nomnom bread and pastries

the linos at barcelona, spain, october 2012

free time was spent shopping mostly for souvenirs and some clothes. cheaper sya eh compared here in stockholm. i say, much much cheaper ha. also, i love that everywhere you go, theres a restaurant, coffee shop, or bar for you to try. you wouldnt feel like, ah you cant eat there kasi it is too posh for you, baka expensive or something, no eh. you wouldnt feel that way.

barcelona really for me is a city that speaks about living simply and enjoying life to the fullest. no pretentions, no illusion of grandeur, no over the top expectations. we realllly had a grand time and we cant wait to go back.

laters! xx


mommymaggiemusings said...

the litte miss looks like she had lots of fun ha! :)

M said...

awww! i so love this post! i love barcelona too. though I haven't been there. basta soon! heheh. more euro photos please :)

Gracie said...

lovely, lovely photos and kwento about Barcelona!

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