super kulit bebe

went to see sophie's pedia yesterday. syempre, we had the usual arrangement -- soph with the yaya to be picked up by the driver then they will drop by the office to pick me up naman so we can all go to st lukes together so that way, i wouldn't have to file a leave from work. good thing i work within the same area as st lukes. makaka save ka talaga ng oras! before kasi we had to travel all the way to medical city pa. we used to make sabay to the husband kasi he works in ortigas eh kaya lang lagi na lang i had to go on leave since blockbuster ang pila sa pedia nya and kulang ang half day, promise! ohwell, that was then. haha.

when we got to the clinic, there were 3 kids ahead of soph so naglaro muna ang bagets. super duper kulit lang. i was trying to take some photos of her pero diko kinaya ang kalikutan. she managed to name all the animals sticked on the wall as in plaka lang ang peg paulit ulit hehe.  takbo dito, takbo doon. finally, napagod din, she asked for milk and stopped running around.


stop taking photos!

how can you say no to that  naughty cutie smile! 

i was telling her to smile pero deadma. pophie drinking daw. haha. then sabi ko wave for the camera, super waved naman. masunurin pag gutom diba? pansin nyo pano sya nagkasya sa chair? haha. pinilit nya yan. when i asked her to sit down properly, deadma.

ohmigosh. nakakaloka! buti na lang cute ka! haha.

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