mothercare! i care!

when mothercare opened their newest branch at bonifacio high street, i didn't know how to react. the whole time, i was thinking,  should i be happy about it? you see, high street is much accessible to me than greenbelt! so what's the problem diba?  i should  be giddy-ya-giddy-ya happy, righhhht? but no!! because the fact that it is very near the place where i work and live  just means one thing! gastos!!!!

you see, i am trying my very best to refrain from shopping. it is the last thing that i wanted to do talaga. but good heavens! everytime i pass by the store, it was as if all the cute dresses were screaming at me buy me! buy me! ano baaaaa? eh what if they go on sale? and mind you, not the sale stuff they sell at dimensione store ha? storewide saleeeee!

red tagssssss!

love love love those tights!

 see the cutie cribs????

 happy,happy! joy,joy!


syempre i had to buy something for my bebe!

yoohoo! calling mothercare! sophie can be your endorser na! haha. madami na ako nabili sa inyo no! she wears mothercare all the time, promise! hahaha. i am not kidding! jejeje.



Anonymous said...

You have a very happy blog! I like it!

the linos said...

yayyy! thanks. you have a pretty blog, too! thanks for dropping by :)

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