byebye mosquitoes

oh i keep on forgetting to blog about my newest obsession. gosh. you see, diba all the moms talaga are so praning about mosquito bites so as much as possible, before 6pm, dapat inside the house na ang mga kids.

sophie has been using mosquito repellant lotion for the longest time but she always always gets mosquito bites pa rin no matter how many layers we apply on her. either she has a super yummy blood na tipong bella  ang dating with the vampires kaya effort sa pag bite ang mga mosquitoes or that we are using a so-so lotion. hay naku, whatever. so one time while i was on business trip abroad, i found this:

    mosquito repellant patch.

it has a strongweird smell pero talagang super effective. as in. sophie uses this everyday. she has a patch when she sleeps and everytime she goes out of the house, i require her yaya to put the patch sa damit nya. super worth it. the hubby was telling me nga na dapat daw nag hoard na ako para di maubusan. hehe. although i found another brand at landmark, feeling ko lang not that effective unless we put two patches instead. ohwell.

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