hello, summer!

yayyy! summer is here! wooot! ohgosh. i can't wait to have our family summer getaway! i am really really hoping and praying that it pushes through, though. super exciting because si sophie talaga can appreciate na outdoor activities eh. she likes going to the mall, ganyan, basta anything na open space, she really likes na. feeling ko this summer is sooo goona be worth it -- reagardless of the gastos and all. hopefully, matuloy.

grabe, almost all the groupon sites are now offering getaway deals and honestly, nakaka-tempt talaga. the best so far is what deal grocer is offering. i am this close on buying the misibis and el nido deals! oh my goodness! i dread the gastos but i really really really wanna buy! but before that, i need to see this whole summer thingy happen first eh, i would be in a roll na after that. lol.

so, going back to the summer getaway thingie -- you wanna know where we are going? we are going here!!!

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Gracie said...

enjoy your hols! it'll be fun, i bet. enjoy nyan si Sophia for sure :)

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