happy me!

the hubby had his usual run at high street so while waiting for him to finish, i asked the yaya to play with sophie near the fountain while i window shopped (or not?) at make room. yay! oh, i love, love, love it there! i am such a sucker of storage boxes talaga!

you see, the last time i was there, i bought like, 30 pcs of shoe boxes, 10 for russel and 20 for myself. i have actually more than 20 pairs but i gave them away na kasi sayang lang because hindi ko sya nagagamit. first i was super happy because feeling ko, organized  masyado haha but then i realized, the boxes were taking too much space eh super small lang ng condo so we kept them all at the roofdeck and left those we always use under the bed. kaloka lang because the helper always ends up arranging all the shoes under the bed, like, everyday. so parang ang toxic naman for her. i have been planning on getting an under bed shoe storage but nalilimutan ko parati until now.

the moment i stepped in, alam ko na what i wanted to buy, so focused na ako. haha. even if all the stuff were screaming at me na buy me, buy me! deadma lang. haha. hindi ko likes those bulky storage, i wanted something simple, easy to clean and matibay. i have asked the make room girl if they have what i wanted and she said they have it naman daw so off we went to the second floor and i found this:

see? diba, perfect! sabi it can hold at least 16 pairs, eh hello? hubby has a big feet so feeling ko his shoes would require more space diba, that is why i bought two. i immediately paid for it na, as in ayoko na mag stay ng matagal inside because i am starting to show weakness na i almost buy those cute cute kitchen stuff eh ayaw ko nga gumastos! wahhh! hay nako. haha. ohwell, i was able to get out of the store naman carrying just one bag. thank you, lord! look na the storage thingie with our shoes inside.

very very nice no?

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