we went to hear a mass last sunday then headed to shangri-la plaza for lunch and did some shopping. it was actually sort of a bi-weekly r&r which we started doing since we had sophie. you see, our lives talaga super changed when sophie came along. no more weekly luho as in we prioritized sophie's needs so we had to make it a bi-weekly thingie instead.

we had lunch at secret recipe kasi the hubby was craving for some rendang. i was on a self-imposed diet so fish and chips lang for me and soda. sophie had some soup and the yaya naman chose a chicken dish. okay naman. not really a comfort food for me but it was okay na rin.

we super love shang plaza talaga. not crowded at all. no waiting line sa resto and hindi nakaka-stress. hehe. the hubby bought a pair of basketball goggles  while we were killing time doing window shopping at rustan's.after that we went naman to toys r us to buy a gift for sophie's playmate. sophie had a grand time at the store! super pull ng toys from the rack and when we tried to get it from her, super cry sya talaga! grabe, she made a scene! marunong na. i was left with no choice but to pay for the stuff she took! gosh. grabe talaga. haha. look at her enjoying her toy (see her face? haha)

it was a fun sunday. magastos pero fun. haha. until our next dayout. yay!


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