s&r fever

hay nako. i didn't plan on buying anything but when i went there friday night to check on some items, i swear to gawd, all the stuff in every aisle were screaming at me saying buy me, buy me! my goodness! lol. too many items on sale. bedsheets, towels, chinas, toiletries, chairs, tables, branded clothes, almost everything! kaya nga nakakalula ang crowd. pandemonium talaga! like, seriously!

but you know what? ito ha, sa totoo lang, i was never a fan of sale fever since ayoko ng crowded place talaga plus hindi ako ganun ka lucky in getting good deals. so when i got to the store, i just looked around. imagine my happiness when i saw the buy 1 take 1 sign of my favorite item in s&r... gossssh! renuzit aroma is on sale!!! you see, obsessed kasi ako with air fresheners kaya ine-effort ko talaga yan. i splurge on anything na mabango. haha. bought around 20 pcs since they no longer have stock at cash and carry.

i  also bought some buy 1 take 1 set of crystal glasses and rags, rubbermaid food storage container set  for half the price, biggie toothpaste, paper towels, etc.

crazy lines at the cashier, sobra! everybody wanted to have a piece of everything that is on-sale! siguro if the blue bunny ice cream was half the price off, baka nakipag agawan ako. haha. tipid mode so tiniis ko talaga not to buy too much. hubby reminded me to buy lang what is needed. i was okay with it naman.

soooo, aren't you a member yet? what are you waiting for? gow and be a member na! i swear, you will enjoy it as much as i did. promise!


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