les sucreries cakes and pastries

beautiful cake and cuppies! ito talaga for me was the highlight of the event. hindi sya nagpatalo sa mga balloons! the cake looked so grand and seeing dibo on top did it for me. haha. nako, i made a career out of pangungulit from this particular supplier. i made her kulit online everyday, sent her email follow-ups repeatedly, as in! haha. okay naman because it all paid off. yay!

tip lang to those of you who wanted to get her service, make sure na you guys have a contract and double check the important details like the name of your kid, date of the event -- those things. and also, wag mahiya to make kulit. you have all the right to do that pero syempre make sure naman na kulit in a charming way. haha. na-master ko na yata yun. lol.

les sucreries is owned by veronica ngo. you may get in touch with her at 09178566186 or shoot her a note at vtn_mkc@yahoo.com


ivy said...

hi! i was really happy seeing your blog super! my son's upcoming birthday has the same theme as your daughters. and thankful as i am, finding your blog makes my work more easier. can i ask for your suppliers and rates please? also, i saw on one of your pics, your husband is holding a dibo stuffy, may i know where you bought it? thanks a lot!!!

the linos said...

hi ivy! thanks for the kind words. list of suppliers are here on the blog. just let me know which specific supplier so i can inform you the rates. :)

the dibo stuffed toy was bought in KL. :)

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