chayno and the golden show

chayno hosted the event and the golden show provided the entertainment. both were booked via kidstar kastles. truly impressive! chayno did a great job in hosting. he was articulate and really funny. he blended well naman with the kids and the adults. no air at all. very pleasant and didnt show any attitude. i would be very honest ha, i didnt get to watch all his tricks and didnt actually see some of the games because i was super busy welcoming the guests but judging from the laughs, happy screams and giggles of the kids and surprisingly the adults, i must say that he was very very good. another great reco from imma.

the golden show was a big hit! super galing! if you guys are looking for a real entertainment for kids and adults, you should go with the golden show! super entertaining! you could see the amazement of the guests talaga. it was unexpected, really! haha. and again, thank you imma for the reco.

you want your guests to stay from the start until the end of the party? give them a good host and great entertainment! for inquiries, contact kidstar kastles. go book them, now na!

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