eat, pray, love!

my sister  is flying to new delhi on the 15th. she will serve as a volunteer under youth for unity and voluntary action (yuva)-vso india for a year. she had to quit her job because she really  wanted to become a volunteer so even if we had apprehensions at first, we supported her na lang since she is old enough na to decide. besides, this is something that she reallllly wanted to do eh. hay. i will surely miss her! i am the baby in the family eh. atebeth is in the states, she is leaving for india --- i don't have sisters na here and that makes me sad. huhu. 

anyway, if there is someone who would miss her a million times better, that would be sophie! she is such a tita's girl eh. super spoiled and pampered by tita. for sure, sophie will look for you everytime mommy is in sungit mode. haha. so here's for you, tita ninang!

we super duper love yewwww! go and live your dreams! eeeeep! very eat, pray, love! hahaha! gowww!


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