hallmark baby

bought sophie's stuff from hallmark (rustan's) with her ninang aunt cherry recently. they have super nice collection of onesies and we just went gaga over them. loved their designs and styles! and oh, they're made from all organic cotton! well, as everyone knows, i am fond of matching things, like they have to come in the same shades and same patterns! cuteness! sophie will be one stylish baby! haha! mommy is super excited to dress her up.


Irvi said...

Hi Sis Sieggy!

love your blog! keep it up. If I have time, I would blog also about my upcoming precious bundle =)

take care and wish us both luck this upcoming Feb for our little ones!


mommy sieggy said...

hey sis irvi!

oh gosh! haha. good luck to us. i am really very excited to see sophie. can't wait for your kwentos, super near na your due date. yay! i will try to blog as often as i can, especially now that my turn is super near na rin. :)

kisses! :)

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