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An Event To Remember - Super Highly Recommended

I have always wanted to get Clarice but at the time kasi meron na ako coordinator. That is why when something unfortunate happened, talagang kinarir ko to contact Clarice to check her availability. I wass really desperate na and talagang emotional na ako, so when I got to finally speak with her, sobrang na happy ako when she said available pa sya. We met up the day after agad to finalize the arrangement.

The first meeting we had, dun pa lang nakita ko na yung difference between her and my previous coordinator. Sobrang naaliw ako kasi it was as if I was talking to somebody na matagal ng hawak yung account ko. I asked for her opinion regarding some stuff and she really gave me an honest answer. Not the type who would just agree to whatever just to please me. She helped me din with some suppliers like Threelogy, Teddy Manel and Dennis Sy. Ako talaga, I trust her judgement because she has been getting a lot of good reviews from her former clients eh. She shares her thoughts na very useful talaga lalo na if nahirapan ka mag decide about some things.
On the day of the wedding, na appreciate ko how she managed to work on some last minute problems with the suppliers. Like, Missy pala could not make it, tapos yung thing with the A/C supplier, Max's late delivery, dance floor c/o Fernwood, guests who did not confirm yet showed up -- I didn't know about those things, well, some I over heard but I was told of the whole kwento lang during our post-wedding meeting.

At the end of the day, inspite of some minor glitches, the wedding would not have been that successful if not for Clarice and her team, to think na we only got to really talk about the details, less than a month na prior to the wedding. Sobrang na appreciate ko talaga all her valuable inputs and her patience with me cos I keep on changing my mind saka andami ko rin last minute requests.

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