fully made up

I have asked Claire to book Eddie Bruan as my HMUA. We will have trial HMU on May 5th, just in time for the pre-nup shoot. Hehehe. Feeling na naman ako, kumusta naman yun? Bwahahaha.

Ohwell, I'm not kasi into make-up and all. Blush-on-lip-balm person lang ako, so nung nabasa ko yung mga good reviews about Eddie Bruan, okay na ako. In fairness, I have seen his brides, sobrang gaganda nila. So talagang fully convinced ako that he is the HMUA for me. Unfortunately, he has no website. Try googling his name na lang. Alrighty?

Got to go! Food tasting with Josiah's tonight! Yey! Free dinner, eh? :-) Byei!


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