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I met up with our broker last week. The contract is available already and she wanted us to review it before we sign it. Wow. This is it na talaga. I am sooo happy. We have been looking for the best place for us to settle and finally, we found one. They have, like, the most flexible payment scheme. Sobrang okay for us. We have paid the reservation fee already and we have issued a cheque for the initial DP which is payable monthly until turn over date which would be on May 2009. It's a 60 square meter, 2BR unit located somewhere in Taguig. Developer is DMCI.

Check out some of these photos:

Rosewood Pointe

Nice no?

Infinity pool

Really nice. It's like a resort-type residence area. Ours would be the same type din except that, Thai-inspired yung sa amin and mas malaki yung area nya compared to that of Rosewood.

Oh well, everything is working out fine and we couldn't be any happier. We are both living our dreams and we just can't wait until THAT day wherein we can move to our own house and live happily ever after, well, I knooow, there would be not-so-happy times but that's perfectly fine. We are both cool with that. Hehe. Meanwhile, we will focus on the wedding preps first. So much time pa naman for the whole house thing. First thing's first. We have to get married muna hehe. :-) Andaming gastos. Pero carry lang. Kaya nga we are working hard eh. Naks!

Anyway, yun lang. Just feel like sharing. The place is called Royal Palm pala. In case any of you are interested, just leave a message. I will refer you to my contact. Okish? :D


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