italy on my mind (part three)

here goes the third installment of my italy post. yayyy!
of all the places in italy that we’ve been to, i must say, it was venice that i loved the most. i kid you not, the place was really beautiful, unique and had the most fantastic architecture.
you can see talaga how each building had become a work of art, with their beauty enhanced when reflected on the canals that cross the city. its magical scenery wass fascinating, like, it evoked the feeling of entering the setting of a real life fairy tale. i swear i had that feeling! and knowing that totoong nag e-exist yung place was really something.
welcome to venezia!
loving the clear blue sky!
venezia canal grande

loving it to bits!
it was super hot but i was that impressed with the place, i didn’t care. haha. we explored the area then looked for this spot where we could start our gondola ride. ohmen. i was a bit apprehensive at first but i reallyyy wanted to experience how it was like so i just jumped on board the gondola! first five minutes wasn’t fun for me as i was nervous and all that crap until I finally got the hang of it and started camwhoring with friends. and, nope! am not gonna post any photos of myself yet. that will have to wait until my next post. abangan nyo yan.
canal de venezia
we went around the area some more and after forty eight years and intagram flooding , nagutom din kami and decided to eat. hephep, no foodie photos and kwentos. nakakawala ng momentum eh. bwahaha. after making our tummies happy, we headed out again trying to get to san marco. super photo ops while walking, happy na happy lang ako talaga. never mind if i got two shades darker. naks! ako na ang mestiza. haha.
piazza san marco
palazzo ducale (doge's palace)
breathtaking venezia
ohbeautiful san marco! mygosh. ang sarap magpictorial lang the whole day. the place was indeed an eyecandy for me. everywhere i look, i was just taken away by the lovely structures and sights. i am not over reacting ha? i mean, from the very start, may disclaimer na ako that hindi ako big on appreciating arts and structures and everything europe-ish. hindi pala ganon. i was really wowed by the experience.
here are the rest of the photos that i took. indulge!
oh sooo lovely!
doge's palace
san marco basilica
beautiful venezia
700 year canal
lovely venetian windows
at burano, san rocco
tap water, anyone?
i super duper hope nadala ko kayo sa place by looking at the photos. anlakas maka good-vibes, diba?  alrighty, got to go now! kwento soon!

laters! xx


Gerard dela Pena said...

Venezia is also my favorite, Sieg ;-)

the linos said...

Haha! Yay! Thanks for reading, Gerard! :)

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