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hey,hey! i just got back from italy and i owe you guys kwento about the trip. my goodness! it was a super fun filled week! but wait, disclaimer muna ha? baka mapahaba and it could get pretty boring and dragging at some point lalo na it was more of self indulgence lang but i promise to make you aliw naman so please bear with me.
first off - milan. milan is the second largest city in italy (northern part) and the capital of lombardy region. also, believed to be the second most expensive next to bolzano. one can travel here provided that you have a valid schengen visa.
we landed at linate airport a little past ten in the morning via luftansa airlines. the flight was okay, it was a good three hour plane ride from arlanda. i was with malou and jenny. i have known malou from ericsson and she is friends with jenny, na friend ko na rin ngayun. we didnt arrange any airport pick up because obviously, european countries are known for being partial to public transport so might as well go and experience it. so yun, from linate we took the bus going to the hotel.
the first day was spent eating, shopping and more shopping. it was crazy. on sale halos lahat and you will be tempted to buy talaga. i didnt plan on buying anything but i couldnt resist the urge eh. hehe. well, it was kind of a controlled shopping spree for me. dont ask about my friends. they really spent a lot. haha.
second day we went to duomo to hear the mass. i was wearing a mini skirt and i was not allowed to enter the church! flop! sorry, my bad! but it wasnt a super mini skirt naman. decent looking sya, but, you know, it was still a mini skirt. so ayun, i had to wrap my legs with jenny's pashmina and they allowed me to get in. the cathedral was beautiful. it was huge and really really nice.
duomo di milan

galleria vittorio emmanuele ii
super nice no? 
super nice structure
a lot of restos inside
adjacent to the cathedral, you will find the gallery where big and branded stores are located. my friend bought some LV while i intentionally avoided the store. promise, kahit sobrang init sa labas, tiniis ko. and i guess, after all that happened in my life the past year, finally, na outgrew ko na my need for an LV or any other signature stuff for that matter unless given to me for free haha. kainez. i justify talaga.
we also went around to check on the teatro alla scala, the park and some other structures worthy to be photographed. here are some of them:

view in front of the cathedral

in front of the galleria

at the piazza

some building across the galleria

near via manzoni and via montenapoleone, chic shopping area in milan

at the park

we chanced upon the hop on hop off bus in the area
more on my next post ---  to die for food,  the eurotrain experience, getting  familiar with the centrale stazione, tips, instagram shots  plus verona and venice kwentos and super daming photos. so definitely to be continued ito. will post part two tomorrow.
laters! xx


M said...

i love love love the photos! and i agree with you, milan has a special way of saying "sige na bili ka na". looking forward to more of your euro photos :)

the linos said...

thanks, sis! and yung mga 5EUR na cardigan sa Benetton, parang sinisigawan ako "buy me, buy me!" wahaha.

yup, more photos to come :)

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