birthday blues and surprises

yep, i am still alive! and no, i will not bore you with excuses as to why i have not been blogging. thank you very much. but hey, at least i am back and i will try my best to make bawi starting with this post. naks, parang totoo haha!

anywayyy, nako, the past two weeks, i felt really, really sad, as in, i was crying myself to sleep and you know,  all those flooding back home, the whole thing with my family, i was literally lutang and couldn't get my act together. i was super sensitive, ganyan, basta. super drama queen ang peg ko and i was really feeling so low eh magbirthday pa naman ako. then it hit me. shoot. owem, talk about birthday blues. sakto. mismo.

i started getting birthday greetings a couple of days prior, o diba, how sweet of facebook to remind my friends about my birthday. ang tell you what, i really got aliw and somehow, na lessen yung sadness. though, thinking about my family again, especially sophie and the hubby not being with me, of course, super hard but i guess all the well wishes i got from friends, very heart warming and i was overwhelmed and na feel ko naman  that i am loved and missed by many. Awww moment talaga.

left to right: coffee from malou, ice cream fika, cake baked with love by tinay, tea at jeejean's

i didnt expect anything that day, i mean, most of my colleagues just got back from summer break and i have only been working with them for two months so, no expectation talaga at all. plus, they were not really big on birthdays, unlike back home as in effort talaga when they throw you a  party. so imagine na lang my surprise when they invited me and the rest of the guys for some ice cream fika to celebrate my special day. promise, i felt like crying. . it was actually awkward at first, kasi they were not naman like, you know, like us na super gulo, ganyan, complete with all the teasing, etc.  pero when everyone got their share of the ice cream na, they rendered me the swedish birthday song that ended with hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! which i swear, was really my secret wish. kung hindi lang nakakahiya, umiyak na ako.promise, i was this close of tearing up.

and just when i thought that that was it, after work naman, i was surprised to find out that my filipino friends prepared something for me. syempre, i was super touched and of course, grateful that they took time to celebrate with me. well, they were the ones who started teasing me about my having birthday blues so nag effort sila talaga to make sure that ii will have fun. which i did.

and oh, how can i forget, i also had my celebration back home. my friends decided to spend some time with my dearest daughter by taking her to jollibee. speechless pa rin ako until now. thank you guys for doing this for me. i feel so lucky and sooo blessed for having you all in my life. sobrang na touch ako.

sophie with the fingurls and friends from work

again, thak you everyone for making me feel loved. you guys are awesome. laters! xx

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