yes, that is what they call stockholm's metro system. tunnelbana or t-bana to some. this is how i actually get to work everyday. you see, my place is like, ten-minute-walk away from the station. i take the train from fridhemsplan and get off to kista where the office located.

fridhemsplan station (st. goran side)

when you get inside the station, you still have a good five-minute walk to reach the platform, gosh, walkathon ever ito. first thru stairs going down then few more steps that will lead you to the entrance followed by this loooong escalator down. first time talaga for me, i know i tend to over-react sometimes but believe me, nakakaloka ang escalator na ito.

looong way dowwwwn

how it looks like on your way up

well maintained and kept. no unusual smell whatsoever.

each station has an artwork design which is really nice. not too crowded as well unlike in manila na kelangan karirin mo ang pagsakay sa mrt or lrt. here, since meron syang schedule, so you will know most likely if aabot ka or hindi which is good. no need for you din na makipag siksikan because sure ka naman that in a few minutes, may parating na ulit na another train.

am taking the blue line

1 minute, hjulsta bound (sorry, blurry photo)

here you go, hjulsta bound

i am always seated facing the train direction kasi nahihilo ako

i do take the train going to alkalla since it will pass through kista where most of the passengers get off. i think mga 10-15 minutes sya from fridhemsplan to kista. the station is connected to kista galleria mall which so reminds me of shangri-la plaza. usually sarado pa mga stalls but some coffee shop open na, those inside mga nakikidaan lang just like me. haha.

walkathon pa rin from kista galleria going to the office but i am not complaining. i don't ususally do this back home but i welcome the change kasi wala naman ako choice haha. besides, i wanted to lose some pounds and this would help me a lot kaya keribel lang. anyway, got to go! kwento soon!  laters, xx


Gracie said...

true, yan ang nakaka-miss back home 'cos you don't need to walk much. sa Europe walkathon ever ka. di bale, sis, exercise yan :)

the linos said...

Sis, sexy na ako pag uwi ko. Lol.

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