picky bebe!

i was thinking when was the time i started choosing my own stuff? be it on what clothes to wear or whatever. seriously, i have no idea. so why do i ask? well, it really didnt matter to me, you know, until the little girl started choosing her own stuff. oh yes, people! she just turned two and now she gets to decide on which shoes should go with what. ohmygawd.

you see, sophie is not a big fan of slippers. at home she just wears her crocs. when we go out, she prefers wearing flats. (ahm, yes, very mommy!) one time i got her these:

banana peel slippers

she was happy to get it, yes, but not really giddy happy unlike when i got her flats or something.  the slippers were on sale and i found them really really cute with the blue ribbon on it, diba? super nice! i was trying to get her wear them pero deadma ang bagets. okay, fiiiine!

so, imagine my surprise when we were about to go to the playground and she asked her nyanya to get her those pair! yay! at first, her nyanya handed her crocs, she said no. naman! eh maybe she felt like wearing them because it matched with her outfit, haha. ewan ko. so here she is wearing them, super cute!

that way!

mom, are you coming with us or?

showing off her slippers!

enough of the photos!!!

awwww. nice, nice! sobra! haha. syempre wala sya sa mood for some photo opps kaya i left them na. obvious naman given the last photo haha. alrighty, got to go! xx

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Anonymous said...

happy easter, sieggy, russel, pophie, and nyanya!

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