yey, she likes to read!

don't get me wrong. she can't read yet, sure thing. ang oa ko lang. haha. but you see, she actually likes books. every time she sees me lying on bed, she would ask me to get her story book so i can read it for her. she would say, "mom, read story, pophie please". most of the time, she would just start flipping the pages and pretend like she's reading or something. ang cute eh. i wasn't like that, growing up. i mean, ako na ang pinakatamad magbasa na tao. ohwell.

you see what i mean? she is like that talaga. you would hear her say things like, "oh, sun, flower, good"  while she pretends to read. yung face nya would lit up every time she sees a colorful photo or anything that catches her attention. it is really unbelievable how kids are nowadays. syempre, nakaka proud that she is showing a great interest with books, diba? gosh. i should have warned you that this is another proud mommy post, hehe. sorry, i just can't help it. xx

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