yumyum weekend

been hearing good feedbacks about vikings so when i was asked to arrange a dinner for the whole fam, i suggested we try it out. so i called to reserve for 8 seats but lo and behold, fully booked na raw! ohmen. just when i was about to hung up, i was advised that the walk in list is still open but on a first come first served basis. yay, there is still hope. then i remembered, my sis in law has a friend who happens to work there, so i made the call. yahoo! we made it first on the walk in list. thank god for connections -- it is really more fun in the philippines. hahaha, paki konek. lol.

vikings luxery buffet

just when i thought na okay na, hindi pala. on the day itself, around 2pm, i called again. apparently we were not on the list. walk in guest list daw were not being confirmed over the phone so ayaw nila ako paniwalaan. kaloka. so i made the call again. gosh, hassle sa sis in law ko diba, bilang preggo sya. buti na lang, na okay na ulit. we were spared from those who made tambay outside, waiting forever for a vacant seat.

we got there around 6pm and we headed straight to our table. in all fairness, the place was really nice. the interiors were elegant and grand. i love the fact that it really lived up to its claim of a luxery dining experience and for that we were impressed. my mom said, she was reminded of the dinner cruise we had in bangkok. we all agreed. i mean, by the bay plus the ambiance inside kaya ganon siguro na feel ni mother. diba, good vibes agad.

some of the details

for the food naman, well, choices were extensive from appetizers, dimsum, seafood, meat, pasta, sushi, drinks, desserts to what have-yous! we were not disappointed. we really enjoyed the foodie. those we tried were all delish. we were not able to try everything ha, that's how extensive their food selections were!

variety of salads


food coma

super sulit what we paid for. value for money talaga. we took a mental note of coming back again for lunch naman. you guys should try it! but please, please book in advance. alrighty? xx


kikaymommysha said...

We're planning to eat there too! I've read so many good reviews about this resto so I think we need to give it a try! Thanks for sharing sis! ;)

the linos said...

Go and check! Yumyum indeed! Thanks for readinggggg sis! :)

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