i am back!

i know i have been mia for some time  now and believe me, it is not for lack of trying. well, i don't wanna go into details na, but i know you guys understand. a lot has happened and that's life eh. the important thing is, i was able to get by and bring myself into blogging again. sobrang nakaka-miss.

everyday, i try to find inspiration so i could get myself to blog again but i am lost for words. super hard trying to act normal pero that feeling na parang you will explode or something, i felt that and at the time, alam ko that i will only get relieved when i let it out. but still, not enough for me to go back and blog. it took a while until i realized i am ready to be my usual self again.

thanks everyone for still visiting kahit na ako mismo stop opening this page, meron pa din few who  visits once in a while. you guys are just awesome. it meant a lot to me knowing that i have followers kasi feeling ko hindi ako alone and in a way, i could be of help naman pala to some people

again, sooo happy to be back! also, my new layout is very pretty and it makes me super kilig. haha. see you guys around!


1 comment :

Anonymous said...

welcome back to blogging!
love the new lay out!

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