posh patchi

i like chocolate, yes, but i'm not a huge fan. i mean, i do crave for it once in a while and i have my favorites like beryl's, twix and sneakers but i can live without it. well, it's just me.

remember my previous post about my lunch date with my ninang jeanette and the pasalubong she gave me?

   patchi chocs

   stage presence pa lang 100% na.

apparently, she was not able to get me something so she passed by patchi (bonifacio high street) to get me some chocolates. awww. well, i was super happy when she handed it to me because i will finally get to taste it, kasi naman alam ko na pricey sya for a chocolate and hello? if ako lang, am not gonna buy it okay na ako sa chocnut. haha.

    looks yummy!

   winner ang packaging!

    look at THE sticker

eto ha, in all fairness, yummy sya. and not sweet at all! i mean, hindi OA ang lasa for you to actually say na basta chocolate dapat sweet. it is really good. it has a unique consistency eh. think about marshmallow. basta iba lang. which i think is great because you can actually tell the difference.

shared some with my friends from work and the rest inuwi ko sa house. sophie loved it. addict sa chocolate yun haha. the hubby liked it as well syempre si yaya din although she could not believe it when i told her na mahalia jackson sya. haha!

so there! did i like it, yes! bibili ba ako? well, if naka sale ng 70% yes pero if regular price, i will wait na lang for my ninang's next visit so she could give it to me for free! yehey!

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