sun-date with sophie

yaya arlyn had her day off yesterday so i had the chance to bond with sophie the whole day. the hubby joined the run with the masters so i was left at home with the little one. ohgosh! putting sophie to her morning nap practically drained  me. sobrang likot to the highest level! by the time the hubby arrived, she was up na. wahhh! ayoko naman to just stay at home so we decided to take her out instead.

here she is playing while we wait for daddy to finish his facial thingy.

i had to stop her or else hindi sya mag milk and i was also trying to put her to her afternoon nap but her attention kasi super glued to all the kids around the place and the colorful balls in front of her. naremind tuloy ako to enlist her at gymboree na. she likes talaga playing with kids eh. she really is very friendly and pleasant. anyways, here she is naman right after mapagod kakaikot. feeling ko antok na sya talaga. kawawa pero ang cute cute, sobra!

weloveyou, pumpkin!


Gracie said...

she will definitely enjoy Gymboree. lots of kids to play with & room to just run around & explore.

madammisismummy said...

Wala na si Yana?

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