personalized picks

hay nako. very easy to deal with. we only communicated thru email and two days lang, we were able to finalize everything na. first time for them to have a dibo themed looty and according to her, this is one of the best snack bags she has made. well, design wise, very colorful kasi and kids talaga would automatically be drawn it. very reasonable rate and super fast transaction. good find talaga sya. special thanks to gracie, my fellow nawie for writing a very nice review dahil na drawn ako talaga sa hassle-free experience nya with them. ordered 80 pcs and got everything on-time as agreed. winner!

check out their website at


vengieric said...

Sis, what did you put inside the bags? tnx!


the linos said...

hi sis, bubbles, stickers, draw/writing set, lollipos and candies from milkita (promo prize) kindly check the prizes and lootbag contents post. thanks for reading! :)

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