marriott (cafe) on my mind

i am on a self-imposed diet kaya sobrang tina-try ko not to think about foodie so much. am also trying not to go anywhere near a good resto dahil baka makalimot ako. haha. pero dahil tapos na ang party party ni sophie, i wanna reward myself naman for surviving february and losing ten pounds (10 lbs)! yehey!

last weekend lang, i kinda had the urge to eat ng  bonggang bongga. i checked on all groupon sites to see if they have anything buffet na magugustuhan ko. i was hoping they have a promo voucher for marriott cafe but nada. hay. the last time i was there was a couple of months ago pa and sobrang food coma ako after, promise! hehe. i just love love love their buffet --- next to heat and spiral, of course! plus factor din syempre marriott buffet is cheaper. ayan naaaaa. natatakam nako. haha.

hayyyy nako, i wanna go! pero i have to stop myself because we are on a tipid mode since we are going somewhere for summer! yehey!  ohwell, i guess marriott can wait for now. chos! hahaha.


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