makeover madness

i have a new house project coming up. yay! you guys will find out about it in three weeks time! yahoo!

also, super happy that the combi blinds i ordered are now installed in the condo. goshy! i have been wanting to get one since the day we moved in. now, happy me  because i got them already! finally able to get rid of all those bulky curtains! hay nako. 1 panel is equivalent to 1 can of sophie's milk na no! eh i need like 14 panels! i only have 2 sets eh so my helper super kawawa every laundry time. not very practiacal to splurge on but hey, ayoko naman mag settle with so-so ones. haha. 

anyhoo, back to combi blinds --- lookie, lookie here! loving it to bits!

nice no? kisses!

1 comment :

Alma said...

super nice...eric wants this too eversince nakita nya yung kay weng...tama ba, parang ganun?

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