mano po

met up with ninang emee earlier. she picked me up from work and we headed to cafe via mare for lunch. we were supposed to eat at chef laudico but i have been craving for yummy puto bungbong so i insisted that we go to via mare instead. hay. love it there talaga if only for bibingka and puto bungbong. yumm! pero syempre, since lunchtime ito, we had our usual  feast of cholesterol. bwahaha.

anyway, ninang emee and i used to eat out every now and then especially if may present sya for me. but my gosh. it is sooo different now. aside from the fact na super duper busy sya with her business eh hindi na kami ni russel ang bida sa kanya  ngayun! she met up with me because she handed me sophie's birthday present. she was out of the country kasi last weekend. this is what she got for pumpkin:

awww. diba so cute? thanks, ninang lola! haha. thank you for your generosity and for always spoiling sophie and mommy. wahaha. labyu!

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