sophie's antics

  • she likes to talk a lot. bub-bub-gah-gah-hat-bub-pa-pa-bub-gahhh
  • she loves mirrors!
  • she can hop, i mean, crawl, yeah, crawl hopping! haha
  • she makes funny faces
  • she can stand in between 2 round accent chairs! yes, very strooong legs!
  • she knows her name already. when you call her she turns her head to your direction.
  • she loves playing scream-scream with  kelly. she does the screaming and kelly do the staring.
  • she loves playing fly-fly with daddy.
  • she giggles in a super funny way
  • she knows how to make pa-cute and make pa-awa
  • she is pretty good in hair-pulling!
  • she likes being kissed! haha
  • she recognizes faces, she knows her stuffed puppy violet :)
  • she screams to her delight when she sees spongebob and patrick!
  • she loves the scent of sunflower oil hehe
  • she doesn't cry much
  • she likes going out --- no tantrums thrown ever!
  • she likes playing pick-a-boo with her yaya ana
  • she likes dressing up! lol.
there are many many more things she can do now! she is growing up pretty fast.

weloveyou sweetie.

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