sophie's first pedia visit

sophie had her first pedia visit last wednesday. we were up early to prepare her stuff. we brought a bag full of sophie's items. we had to bring so much stuff considering we will only be away for three hours! not that we over did it, we were just making sure we have everything for her just in case.

sophie was all dolled up when we put her in her limo. haha. i told sophie's dada to bring the camera with us so we can take some photos of her while she was being checked by her pedia, dr. delfin santos of the medical city. unfortunately, we forgot the cam inside the car so we were not able to take any photos. good thing her dada took a few shots at the parking area before we left the condo. yehey!

our princess behaved so well in her first heck-up. her pedia was making her kulit by holding her with one hand alone. haha. she also had her bcg vaccine that day. super ayoko talaga to hear her crying. the secretary was telling me nga baka raw i-stop ko si doc while giving sophie the vaccine. haha. i almost did, kasi super duper cry si sophie talaga. i was the one na na-hu-hurt for her. oa na kung oa but di ko lang talaga kaya to see her in pain.

anyways, everything went well naman. we were very, very proud of sophie talaga. sooo nice when you hear people give really good compliments especially those that comes  from strangers. like, people you see inside the elevator, ganyan. they were all like, awww! your baby is sooo pretty! and am not making yabang pero even the doctors and the nurses find her sooo adorable! yay!

we love you, sweetheart! kisses from mommy and dada.


Irvi, Chris and Ryvi said...

hehehe! love the 1st pedia visit.. i don't know what they call it but yung kukuha sila ng blood from the heel... di ko talaga kinaya tingnan.. Daddy was the one holding him while ako nagtago para di ko makita..

sabi ko nga kelangan b talaga punuin bawat circle??!!! kami din nung unang out namin with Ryvi dami ko din dala.. cyempre mahirap na kulang diba..hehe!

mommy sieggy said...

haha. new born screening test. sobrang sakit kaya nun. even yung bcg vaccine! wah!

o diba, di naman oa pag maraming dala? hehe.

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