burping story

sophie's dada has his own story to tell about his dear little princess. if i had my birthing story, he has sophie's burping story. you see, sophie has to burp every after feeding time, right? well,  he does the burping part with sophie. he talks to sophie into it and i tell you, he is really magaling with it. he can even tell when sophie is just faking it, haha! seryoso. promise! like one time, i had to do the burping part with sophie, my gosh, she threw up after i put her to sleep. that happened to me twice already but with sophie's dada, never pa!  ako talaga, am not good at it, i swear! pero i sing to her naman while she tries to burp. haha! i have this burp,burp,burp song --- when you are a parent na, automatic na yun, nag ta-transform ka to a songwriter and composer self mo. haha. funny but true. yun na yung least na nagagawa ko. sometimes effective naman but worried ako most of the time because of the throwing up incident nga. with sophie's dada, naku, no need to worry. he even knows pa how long he has to hold sophie before putting her to bed. not enough na naka burp na si baby twice or thrice. basta. he does it sooo well that is why we love him. thanks, superdad!

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