thirty five weeks

i am on my thirty fifth week already. the past thirty four weeks have been a fun ride, well except for the first few weeks wherein i had to rest, but everything went well, nonetheless.

we went to visit my OB last friday but i had to get my ultrasound first so we didn't go straight to her clinic yet. we had to wait for an hour or so because of the long lines of preggy women waiting for their turn. when i had my turn, i got a little worried because the sonologists who attended to me were actually discussing about the discrepancy between the number of weeks am actually at. based on the ultrasound, i am only on my 32nd week, but if we based it on the date of my LMP, am already on my 35th. sophie's measurement does not tie up with the latter so my OB ordered for a doppler study/test that got me super duper worried. could something be wrong with sophie?

we had the result the same day, sophie is okay, thank heavens! it was a relief. i was advised to eat more healthy foodie so she can gain more weight. well, not that i have been eating unhealthy, it was not the case.

anyways, all good now. three more weeks and we will finally get to see her.


sZa said...

hi sis! praying for your safe and healthy delivery... pray pray pray lang... you and russel look good together, lalo na magkakaron na kayo ng little angel... I'm happy for you sis... stay happy... love you!

mommy sieggy said...

hi sza!

now ko lang nakita comment mo. it was sent to my spam folder, kainis. thanks for the concern. loveyou. :)

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