daddy's girl

it is really amazing how sophie reacts whenever she hears her daddy’s voice. just when we thought that she is asleep already, she would kick so hard and move all around my tummy just to make her presence felt. it was as if sophie shouting “yayyyyy! that is my dad!”  i would then say something like “easy with the kick, baby. not too hard, okay?” her daddy would then touch my tummy and talk to her until she goes back to sleep. awww. it is a good thing, you know. i mean, it is really hard to get enough sleep these days! her kicking most of the time makes me wide awake even if my body says otherwise. not very easy, i tell you!

anyway, am glad knowing that sophie’s dad is just as excited as i am. he really, really wanted a baby boy but everyday, as sophie grows, he gets more excited and i think sophie can feel the excitement too! she will be one confessed daddy’s girl and i would not mind because she will always be mommy’s princess.

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