prepping up part two

The search is on for the fixtures of my dreams haha. I know I am being silly but you see, we are set to move in to our new crib in a month or two, and the idea of dressing it up to fit our style is driving me crazy. We have to consider a lot of things. Oh gosh, after the wedding, it is now this whole house thing that am prepping for. Yay! Off to the list, well, I will not pretend that I know everything so I will limit the list into two --- read on!

1. BUDGET. Commonly asked question: How much are you willing to spend? Geez, that is if you have the money to spend to begin with. Haha! I have been scouting for fixtures for months now and I am overwhelmed how expensive they cost. It was like having to get the services of all the awesome vendors for a wedding! Grabe! You would really sigh in disbelief especially if you have a very tight budget.

2. INTERIOR DESIGN. Commonly asked question: What style do you want? Modern, classic, old school or what-have-yous!? Everytime I go to the mall, I would see their latest living room set display and I would really fall gaga over it. I would search for the matching bedroom set, dining set, bathroom set, everything! I would imagine this whole concept and that really excites me to no end! After a month, I would change the concept again. Why? Because the display has changed as well. And the whole matching thing starts again! My gawd! Haha.

I have been having sleepless nights thinking of these two things. It doesn't help that I am such a sucker of matching things together and I really want to apply the same thing in choosing the furnitures and fixtures for the house. Call me crazy but I feel like if I don't get this whole thing done, I would really be disappointed. Haha. Yeah, crazy me eh. Lol.

These are some of my inspirations at the moment. Haha.

Large Modern Sectional with Faux Leather Base & Microfiber Cushions

French Cherry Dining Room Set

Cherry Wood Sleigh Bedroom Set

Aren't they pretty? I wish I can have these stuff for the house. If only somebody would pledge. Haha! Yay! :)



jacks26 said...

I can't wait to see your place :) I hope we can visit soon!! Love you guys!

sieggy said...

hey jackie! oh, i love your name! haha. yup. can't wait to show the place to you guys. lovelove!

stephanie said...

sieg! i love it! earthy.. modern chic

khimphotz said...

blog hopping love it sissy....yung tipong pag anjan ka napaka comfy ng place.....nice nice it.....

Tani said...

I love the rooms. Classic and homey.

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