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Disclaimer: This is another wedding-related post. Haha! Yada, yada! :)

Been getting a lot of requests to post the set-up made by Josiah's during our wedding reception. Actually, I have posted all the photos already and they can be viewed at flickr kaya lang, there are more than 2000 photos there so if you have a slooow connection, you won't be able to finish browsing everything. So here na, as promised, I am posting na the photos.

Coral Tree Garden

Round table set-up

Presidential table

I have slow connection at home, can't post all the photos. Tomorrow na lang, promise :) And oh, shoot me a note if you have questions, okidoki?

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khimphotz said...

hi sissy,

papaalam ako ha..kasi ung sa caterer ganyan din ung flowers ayaw ko na i-upgrade hehehe. pede ko ba copy ung pixs nito then pakita ko sa kanila pa check ko if pede ganyan na lang hehehe. ung sa round table....thanks sissy

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