say what?

I'm back! Ahm, sort of. Yay! Haha. Alright, those 2 posts were not really the kwento post I promised but hey, at least I tried updating! :D Kasi naman, been super busy talaga and yes, work is the culprit. I am no fun, I knooow. Sad, sad. Hay. Nade-deppress na nga ako. Everyday, when I get home, I feel sooo tired and wasted. Parang wala na ako ka energy energy plus I feel sooo panget na. Huhu. Sooo hard talaga. Buti na lang my beb is there. Pero syempre, even if we are both tired, we see to it naman that we have kulitan moments together. Yun ang fuuuuuun. We love making fun of ourselves kahit na sometimes, pikon ako. Haha.

Ayayay! I am all around in this post. Haha. Alrighty, here na lang. Since I don't have the mojo to write, will share na lang my wishlist.


Travel with my bebe to visit The Cruzs in the States
Non-stop spa service for me and my bebe
Brand new furnitures for the condo before we move in
A new SUV (Kahit yung kay ate haha!)
TTD session with Metrophoto

Oooops, have to go now. Will update the list tomorrow. Yeah, am not done yet. Hehe. :D



tanivillamora said...

Hi Sieg. Hope your wishes come true. I like the TTD session with Metrophotography too. We just might do that after our wedding.

Mama D and Little Z said...

You can do two wishes in one, come visit me, bring your dress, and we can do a TTD session together! LOL!! I still have not cleaned mine...shhhh!

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