Heya! I know everybody is dying to read about my supplier's review and wedding kwentos haha kaya lang am still working on it so just to make bawi let me share with you guys some of the photos taken that night. These are unofficial photos, though. Anyway, okay lang kasi according to Oly, the photos will be available next week! Woot-woot! Galing, galing! Haha. So, take a look, people!

Getting ready
EDSA Shangri-la Lobby
Sis cheng, baby kait, jasmine, jenny and jackie


Awesome cousins

Lovely people from Rooms 831, 832, 833, 837, 839 and 853

Bloody Game -- my sister is the lucky winner haha!

Official photos soon! Kisses!♥


metrophoto said...

hahaha... did you just announce my commitment date to everyone? :P hahaha, of course the photos will be ready this week :) don't lose sleep as much as I do. hahaha :P

see you sieggy ;)


sieggy said...

oly!!!! haha. yep,yep! i am super excited. i mean, we are super excited! haha! parang we visit your site yata hundred times a day hahaha. am just kidding.

take your time. haha. see you, guys!

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