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I am sooo excited with the engagement session that we will be having with Metrophoto. The concept is really niiice. Very Russ and Sieg♥ Haha. I want to brag about it na but I am still waiting for the confirmation from the venue organizer so quiet muna ko baka kasi ma pre-empt haha. Wait, wait muna :-)

Speaking of Oly --- grabbbbs! I am sooo excited working with him and his team. Have you guys seen his new posts? Hay! Awesome. Sobra. I can't wait for my own wedding to be featured on his blog. Looking forward na ako talaga. I bet it would be worth it. Ngayun pa lang, ito talaga, I can't help but really BRAG na. Yey!

Back to the E-session, so what do you think? Wild guess, anyone? :wink:


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