big switch!

Russel and I have decided already. We are getting Metrophoto as our official wedding photographer. Well, I know, DP has been made already with the other photog, but you see, if you really want your wedding to be memorable and close to being perfect, you have to DO something about it. Even if it means taking a risk of finding an available photog, considering the time constraint and all -- well, for us, worth it naman because luckily, there is Metrophoto.

It was not a sudden decision. I have been contemplating about switching to another photog but I gave it a shot with Louie. Well, in all fairness, the EK experience we had was fun. Beb and I enjoyed it. The photos were nice but I was not too happy lang talaga. I guess I have expected too much. I have seen beautiful prenup photos posted by my fellow w@wies and I was really expecting that mine would be as great if not better than those.

Well, it's really a sad thing, you know. But at the end of the day, it is still our call. It's OUR wedding, anyways. Good thing is that, we are off to a fresh start. Sooo looking forward. :-)


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Jans said...

wow, the list continues..;) We also had a big switch with our P/V.. magastos, yes... but like I said.. it's the memories naman we're investing in, so in the long run, ok na rin, ryt?;)

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