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Sharing my DIY misalette covers.

front cover

back cover

Sobrang proud ako, I was able to come up with these. Kasi naman, wala ako katalent-talent, di ako creative. Haha. I was inspired lang by my fellow w@wies with their beautiful DIY's so I tried myself din. Haha! Oh well, kaya ko naman pala. Yey! So, naka-save na ako with the misalettes! Grabbbs! Hehe. I am soooo happy talaga. Clap-clap! Super!


Update: I have tried printing the initial layout I made, unfortunately, the color turned out cream-ish which is waaaaay far off my motif. I changed the background and flourishes and voila! Gawd, it looked awesome when printed Yipee!


Storybookwedding said...

Hi Sieggy!

Love your DIYs! And your site is awesome! Will visit regularly.

(fellow w@wie)

Anj said...

Thanks for the kind words YOU left naman on MY blog! Hahaha. Mutual admiration society na ito.

A toast to us beautiful bride bloggers!

d3nd3n said...

Hi Sieggy!

I love your diy misalette cover. what software did you use?

(fellow W@Wie)

sieggy said...

hey denden,

fotoflexer or mixbook. just google it. :-)


Candy :) said...

wow. i likey!!! ako tlaga ang walang talent dyan. at di ko na sinubukan... lol i asked one of my closest wawie friend to design my misalette cover for me. hihihi

Anj said...


Official maker of wedding missalettes of the W@W community.



Anj said...

Yay! I like your "updated" DIYs. Maybe you can post a photo of the printed copy, so everyone can see how great it turned out. Can't wait to read more from you!

Mama D and Little Z said...

Hello Sieg! Wow, didn't know how talented my cousin is...hee! Very pretty!!

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